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Rule 2 of Personal Branding

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Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it's wrong.

There's this whole misconception of personal branding that we have to be a certain type of person to build a personal brand. In this article I'll break down the advantages & disadvantages that introverts and extroverts have. You may even hate the idea of personal branding but hopefully this will change your mind.

We all know extroverts but i'm going to start with introverts. P.S I put myself as an extroverted introvert so i'm going to try to keep myself out of this rule. These observations come from me mentoring hundreds of clients so whilst It may come across like stereotyping the following points are from experience and research.

Introverts have this ability to listen and engage. They don't work a room when it comes to networking and you'll usually find them deep into a conversation asking the questions and nodding their head. This is a powerful skill and can often be a bigger advantage then being an entertainer or storyteller.

When building a community, it can't be about you, it has to be about facilitating conversations and raising the energy of the room by getting conversations going. As an introvert, your curiosity can often be the difference between an engaged community and one where we are hearing crickets..

Research we did in one of our communities Introverts also come across more authentic as they're not putting on a show and are there without really having an agenda. So let's clap our hands and celebrate the introverts.

However, the challenge with introverts is their dislike of self-promotion or putting themselves first so they can get paid.

Extroverts if they can stop talking about themselves (I'm guilty of that) can be great at not just creating content but actually leveraging their loudness to being strategic players in a room. If channelled right an extrovert can be effective at making introductions by using their ability of getting attention. Promoting a product/service is also naturally easier for them but where it really counts is that they do not hesitate when asking for the sale.

The challenge with extroverts can be their over-confidence which turns into arrogance. Extroverts can easily be perceived as arrogant and unapproachable.

Just because you're one or the other it doesn't mean your less likely to build a personal brand. Actually whilst we battle with our weaknesses it's actually more impactful to focus on our strengths.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more by embarking on this journey, come and join us at the Personal Branding Network on facebook. A free group designed to help you on your journey..