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Rule 1 of Personal Branding

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Rule No.1: Our journey will often attract the people who believe in what we provide.

It's not unheard of that often your past experiences can help you in your journey ahead. It not only makes us relatable but human. An example of this would be the journey of a young boy who grew up around poverty, he was never recognised or appreciated for being different. Yet he pursued this idea that he can build an empire, achieve something and give back, that he can surround himself around people that appreciate him and will invest in his business without the help of others. A self-made man he calls himself today. He's explored through every industry, worked 20 hour days and often left cities to move forward. Even when his business partners burnt him or he lost everything due to an operation but he pushed forward and still does regardless of what's going on in the world.

This is my story and even though I'm 25 it attracts investors and clients in their 40's people who can relate to me and may even see themselves in me. Before we even blab about our accomplishments your journey or story will help you in many ways.

You'll be able to define or clarify 3 important points:
1. Why your audience will need your expertise
The reason why and steps I took to build my personal brand and what it gave me is exactly why people pay me today. Communicate your journey effectively can often filter through your audience to find out who wants to make a purchase or invest with you.

In property, it may be the reason for being sick of your job or finding that you needed more time as your kids grew up that you decided to become an investor.

2. The keywords and copy that make us relatable. The language we use in telling the story will often help us get more attention because they will have a similar belief system to you. You have probably heard of the saying:

"It's not what we say, but how we say it"

3. Your campaign hashtag can be found through simple understanding. It could be a combination of keywords and beliefs that come from your past. #AppreciatingPower

Let's break this down. I started a campaign because behind every successful brand whether it be Nike's 'Just Do It' or Sony's 'Make. Believe' we all need something that helps people emotionally engage with us.

My campaign or slogan (I've had many) came from my last name and the reason why I do what I do today. My second name 'Shakur' comes from the word 'appreciation' and Power is my mission, the reason why I started is that I wanted to put a positive twist on the word because regardless of where you come from, you can reach your idea of success, wealth and power.

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