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An Entrepreneur's Mental Health Battle

8 Tips on managing your well-being as an entrepreneur that I learnt after marriage

· Mental Health
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I had a conversation with one of my strategic partners the other day on mental health.

Being in business or self-employed means you're not always guaranteed for something to come through. The pressure of building a business can very easily be linked to your happiness and self-worth.

Going back to this conversation. Recently, he disappeared, we were in communication every other day and I was forwarding him opportunities but there was no word from him, not even a post on social.

Concerned for him I found out that a deal he was working on which took months of his time didn't go through so he had to replace that income by doing 5-10 smaller deals. He was already exhausted from the previous efforts that he got to a point where although he achieved his results it was having a direct effect on him. At the same time, having an unreliable team in the office of new recruits wasn't helping him either.

He assured me he was okay but I asked about his plans and because of the fast-paced real estate market. He was about to guns blazing and knuckle down further till March.

I stopped him and we talked about how he could possibly focus on what will bring him the right deal size whilst giving him a system which allows him to be a business owner rather than spinning all the plates he has continued to do. This whole conversation made me realise the importance of checking in on fellow entrepreneurs by focusing on how they feel and not just how they're getting on.

Having burnt-out and slipped into depression at numerous stages in my life, here are a bunch of tips I learnt from my wife and being married as an entrepreneur.

1. Have a switch off point

There's only so much you can achieve my day. What's the point running around when it's going to cost you your health, relationships and your ability to stay passionate about what you're doing. I use my spiritual beliefs as a way for me to snap out of my day and stay grateful for everything I have in life.

2. Focus on one-thing and outsource/partner on everything else.

I love what I do now because i'm no longer having to look after all the different aspects of my business and the services I offer. I will control my day by having 1-3 main tasks that help me grow my business and deliver an amazing service.

3. Journaling.

Most of the time we're not keeping a track of what we actually do because in our heads we are so focused on the destination that we forget to enjoy the process. After each task, i write down what I did as well as the result. This helps me stop working and celebrate my achievements no matter how small. Also a journal is great to check in with our emotions so even if we feel invincible as entrepreneurs we end up brushing under the carpet how we actually feel. It's good to check in with yourself.

4. Find yourself a profitable blue ocean.

Being in a competitive environment and not earning enough is down to positioning our expertise and innovating based on the values of what our customers/clients care about.

If you haven't read the book, go grab yourself a copy of the Blue Ocean Strategy.

5. Sleep, Diet & Fitness

A major transformation in looking after myself is learning how to cook healthy food, getting enough hours of sleep in and spending time in the gym. It takes a little while to settle in to a routine but it'll be a huge mood/energy booster to help you feel relaxed as well as see progress in other areas. A conversation in the kitchen or a bit of netflix/music won't hurt either.

6. Your relationships

Even if you're not married but you've got parents, sibling and even friends, it's important to feel normal for a second and invest in the people who love us and only want the best for us. I get they may not always believe in you but they still care for you. It's important that you take time out to build stronger relationships and switch-off by going for a meal. a round of cricket or a few frames of snooker.

7. Stop being obsessed with the destination

The rise of social media where every one is showing off goals, documenting their luxury travels and the great moments of joy we often feel the pressure of wanting to reach our destination quicker or subconsciously comparing ourselves to others without realising. At 26 I was acting like my life was over and I'm not where I wanted to be. It took away the fact that I loved what I do, had achieved a lot and that I had a long way to go.

8. Your environment and how you look

These two go hand in hand as I was living in a dump, dry skin and dressing with clothes that no longer fit me. We underestimate, just like our sleep and fitness the impact it could have on how we feel. We neglect our clothing and space and downgrade ourselves when it comes to first impressions just because of what we wear and how our skin looks. Luckily, I have my wife but even female friends or a sister will transform you in no time to owning your physical appearance and having a more organised life in your environment.

These tips I've shared helped me massively because it accelerated my speed of growth as an individual and entrepreneur. People took notice to it and the outcomes meant I could build a more profitable business whilst looking after my mental health. If anyone wants a chat or feel like they would add something, comment below or reach out to me on social media.