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7 Tips To Build Your Business During The Corona Virus Crisis

A digital marketing guide for small businesses in tough times.

· Corona Virus,Personal Branding,Community Building,social selling

Businesses are worried and scared which is normal. People aren't travelling or purchasing. Whilst many business owners get affected there is also opportunities in all the negative noise surrounding Corona Virus

This is the perfect time for you to take your company online and have a strategy which will only benefit your business long term. We often make excuses about time, well now you have more of it.

Here's 5 tips for any small business owner who wants to seize the opportunity and survive through what many may call a lead up to another recession.

1. Build a community of your customers, tenants and strategic partners. This will strengthen your ability to communicate and maintain relationships without having to attend events. Ideally you want to utilise groups on facebook and linkedin, stories on instagram and lists on twitter to keep people positive and engaged with your business/brand. As online usage will increase it's important that people maintain a positive social life by being part of communities that they believe in.

2. Get training on social selling. How to generate leads, follow-up and drive sales organically. It's essential that you have systems in place which track where people are in your customer journey. I personally love what Trello have done to turn their project management software into a CRM. Plus it's totally free.

3. Create more content, business is as usual which means we still need to get attention and stay at the forefront of your mind. Especially as it's more difficult to get coffee conversations in.

4. Personal branding & Marketing Clarity. Get clear on what you do and for whom. Its important that you double down on a niche or a few that prove to be the most profitable. You want to ensure you are recognised in an area so when people do search for you, you always get recommended. Building your personal brand is ideal as research has shown that people are more likely to engage with an individual online rather than a company.

5. Start looking at creating digital products so you can give people options and open up revenue streams for yourself. This could be in the form of online training courses or group mentoring programs. If people reduce their spending, it's time you create something accessible to maintain your cashflow.

6. Social Responsibility. In order to maintain ties with your local communities. Take out your time to give back and help people where they can. Maybe utilise the stock as a way to ensure you're still a part of their everyday lives.

7. Most importantly, take out time to educate your audience on the measures your taking to keep your customers safe. Even create a video to ensure that you're not taking this lightly. Trust is key to stay alive and people want to know more than ever that you're human and a responsible business owner.

I've been very quiet about what we do at Etica Personal Branding Agency for quite some time but if you need someone to layout a digital or social strategy then get in touch.

Alternatively join my Facebook for more advice over the course of the next few weeks 👇